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just in case, when it disappears.
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Jul 19 2011 - thirty-five.
AWAKEN. → ♥ 이태민
Oh my gosh, haven't posted since January..

Icons: 藤井リナ, Dongwoon (Beast), Hyosung (Secret), Sulli (f(x)), Woohyun (Infinite), Lizzy (After School)

50 icons.
Locked in one week.

update..Collapse )
Sep 23 2010 - thirty-two.
UNITE. → ♥ 소녀시대
Happy birthday Kim Kibum!! ♥
Key birthday icon batch + wallpaper + mini fanmix & cover art.


no matter what.Collapse )
Sep 23 2010 - KPOP 100 CHALLENGE!!!
AWAKEN. → ♥ 이태민

Yeah, so here I am with another attempt at the kpop100  challenge for Jinki-sshi ♥

the icons.Collapse )
Aug 18 2010 - /sobs
AWAKEN. → ♥ 이태민
Temporary Hiatus

I'm recently a hobo and I haven't got Photoshop on my Mac anymore :( so I decided to put on a hiatus until I get my Photoshop back.
Please forgive!
Jul 18 2010 - Twenty-Nine.
I ♥ → 동방신기
Happy birthday Taemin!! ♥
Taemin Happy Birthday mini icon batch + mini fanmix and cover art.


You don't know me, so shut up boy.Collapse )
Dec 25 2009 - Members-locked.
AWAKEN. → ♥ 이태민

Thanks for the heads up peeps, but itsumademo_sky is now members-locked.
Reason: I'm not getting enough members >:(

So from nao on, all graphic posts will be unlocked for one week, unless stated to be unlocked.

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